Training / Workshop | The Empowerment Summit – November 2-5 2017 – Il Cicalino, Tuscany



A transformational shamanic and coaching workshop

That changes mental schemes of ineffectiveness into the capacity of creating one’s future

with Itzhak Beery (USA) and Alessandra Capelli (Italy)


November 2-5 2017


Estate Il Cicalino

Massa Marittima, Toscana – Italia

Società Agricola Tenuta il Cicalino s.a.s.
Di Vecchioni Federico e Pasinato Elisabetta
Località Cicalino, 3 58024 Massa Marittima (GR)
Codice fiscale/ P. IVA. IT01584850539 – Numero REA GR – 137243
Tel: 0566 902031 – Fax: 0566 904896

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Shamanism is the most ancient system and widespread of revelation on earth. Since more than 100.000 years Shamans practice the art of getting the vision for retrieving fragments of soul that went lost because of traumas or the loss of one’s dear ones. Or the purpose is to get a person rid of subliminal influences that keep one’s mind or one’s behavior from being authentic and deprive her from her power of free choice.

Nowdays Coaches adopt similar techniques as those suggested by traditional Shamans, to make people get their place again in the society and in the world. Shamans aligh their inner vibration to their drum’s rythm, and in so doing they reach altered states of consciousness. Basing upon the technique of the imagination journey they bring back people in their center, where they reconnect to their true self. The Coach creates an authentic relationship based on reciprocal trust to help people to activate their own agency, mastery, serenity: in so doing generating an inner climate based on self-esteem, that makes people so performant as to be able to reach their goals, keeping on being authentic.

Empowerment is the process through wich consciousness grows, in letting go the old belief system based upon low self-esteem, changing one’s usual narrative into a “script” that builds a new inner universe. People release their inadeguacy and failing mental schemes and become performant due to new capabilities, manifest their talents, develop their future and start competing in those fields where before they were week.

This workshop offers a method that grows one’s personal power, the ability to engage in reality overcoming those frustrations that come from affective defeats (unloved love), from the 5 basic wounds (refusal, abandon, unfair, humiliation, betrayal) and from consequent cognitive obstacles that shape the ”wrong project” based upon a dysfunctional relationship with ourselves.

We orient to a new lifestyle featured by being centered, connected, spiritual, in good health, successfully acting just following to ethics, values and win-win philosophy.


Be the creator of your new reality!


the Program

Itzhak Beery is the Master of Elemental Ceremonies, and the Manager of the process of empowering.
He will address and support Participants in changing their inner narrative through transmitting them his Andes’ Healers and Shamans Traditional Wisdom Quechua Teachers that he received in Ecuador and in the Amazon Forest.

Alessandra Capelli is the Master of the Wheel of Medicine and of the Power of the Center , and the Manager of one’s 5 basic wounds healing and of Coaching process to re-elaborate affective wounds. She will support Participants in shifting into “Qi Gong State”, or a state of inner peace, facilitating the generation of the sacred space of personal effectiveness.




Empowerment opportunities:


Ottenere chiarezza mentale

Diventare responsabili, focalizzati e influenti

Conquistare l’unità interiore attraverso le Cerimonie Sciamaniche dei 5 Elementi

Essere liberi dagli schemi mentali delle ferite e delle sconfitte affettive e guarirne la narrazione

Sviluppare le strategie di sviluppo del nuovo stile di vita

Sperimentare i vostri autentici doni, talenti e punti di forza

Condividere il potere di creare con gli altri secondo la filosofia win-win

Comunicare con l’Anima del Mondo

The workshop is in English with simultaneous translation into Italian.

Secondo le antiche tradizioni sciamaniche, il cammino dell’empowerment personale si compie attraverso il contatto con la personificazione della Saggezza e dello Spirito dei cinque Elementi che costruiscono l’universo: il Fuoco, l’Acqua, l’Aria, la Terra e quello dello Spirito che vive in tutte le cose.

In questo seminario altamente pratico e creativo esploreremo i doni e gli insegnamenti degli spiriti degli elementi, attraverso un processo composto da cerimonie, meditazioni dinamiche, tecniche di rispecchiamento, tecniche di insight, di linguaggio corporeo, suono e viaggi sciamanici.

Questo lavoro trasformerà il modo in cui sperimentate la vostra vita. Vi darà l’ispirazione e gli strumenti per vivere autenticamente e in modo appagante. Potrete manifestare pienamente lo scopo della vostra vita nel mondo e guarire le relazioni con le persone a voi vicine.




Alessandra Capelli – mobile – + 39 333 5900 700 – telefono e what’s app


Skype name: Imajons


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€ 300 (Membership included)

€ 250 each for two persons coming together

€ 200 each for groups of 10

A GRATUIT for the group leader of 4

A GRATUIT and a FREE COACHING SESSION for the group leader of 10


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All inclusive hospitality at Il Cicalino:



4 Days (3 Nights) – Single room 306

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including: heated swimming pool,restaurant gourmet, large gymn room and more…

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In your suitcase

Comfortable clothes. Gymn shoes, bathing costume, swimming-pool shoes, a notebook and a pen, a free dance dress, a bandana, a drum or a home made rattle.

Master Itzhak Beery will be available for individual spiritual healing ceremonies on appointment

On request the Participants to the Workshop will be able to book an individual Follow-up with each of the two Teachers..








The teachers:

Learn more about


Alessandra Capelli


Itzhak Beery

Itzhak Beery

Itzhak bridges the many sacred indigenous traditions elders entrusted in him with a relevant and essential present-day shamanic approach to living in our digital age. He empowers people around the world to reconnect to their innate shamanic gifts. He shares the conviction that we are all shamans and are able to interact and learn from the unseen and seen worlds, in order to live in balance with our communities, nature and ourselves. Itzhak was initiated into the Circle of 24 Yachaks by his Quechua teacher in the High Andes of Ecuador and in Brazil by Amazonian Kanamari Pagè. Itzhak Beery is the author of The Gift of Shamanism, Visionary Power, Ayahuasca Dreams, and Journeys to Other Realms and Shamanic Transformations, featuring stories by leading contemporary shamans.
His work has been featured in a variety of worldwide publications including the NY Times, radio, TV and films. He is also the founder of, co-founder of the New York Shamanic Circle, and is on the faculty of New York Open Center and Kripalu Center and is a Hermitage Honorary Guest at the Omega Institute and taught their staff. He is the recipient of the Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation Ambassadors for Peace® is the largest and most diverse network of peace leaders.
Born in Israel and residing in NYC, he is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is an accomplished artist and owner of an award-winning advertising agency.




Alessandra Capelli

Alessandra is Anthropologist and Philosopher. Her thesis commits her in three years’ researches on ritual cycles, on feast and its semeiotics. Her life long lasting training goes through Barbara Probst’ school for over 10 years, and to work with Meditation, Shamanism, past life Therapy, Clearing, Reiki and Soul Work. In 4 years she graduates in Florence School of Acupuncture for Tuina practitioners, and in more 4 years she graduates as a Shiatsu practitioner in the European School of Shiatsu. She practices therapeutic Qi Gong with Franca Bedin. She is an ICF Coach ACC credited. She is a Relational Counselor with Siena University. For over 10 years she learns core shamanism in the Foundation for Shamanic Studies by Michael Harner in Italy. She is a Sandra Ingerman 2 years training’s Shamanic Teacher and Medicine for the Earth practitioner (New Mexico, California, USA). She also worked with Nadia Stepanova with Siberian shamanism.
She is a freelancer in individual and team development, human resources, potential training, inner leadership, as an individual consultant and as a workshops leader. She believes in a multi-disciplinary approach, employing shamanism, coaching, counseling and meditation techniques to generate awareness and increase a positive identity, a personal growth, fulfilling relationships, life’s purpose realization through the renovation of one’s inner narration, beliefs system and search for a vision.







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