Formazione / Workshop | The Empowerment Summit – 2 novembre 2017

Itahak Beery Michael Stone Alessandra Capelli



The Empowerment Summit

Join three leading teachers of Ancient Shamanism, 5Rhtyems Dynamic Movements and Life Advancement Counseling in a rare 4 days seminar that offers you to deconstruct your old and un-useful life narrative and re-author a new story that is more spiritual, authentic, interconnected, empowering and soulful.


The path of personal empowerment–according to ancient shamanic traditions–is through the gift of embodying the wisdom and spirit of the five elements:  Fire, Water, Air, Earth and that of the Spirit that lives in all things.


In this highly experiential and creative seminar we will be exploring the gifts of the elements through elemental Shamanic ceremonies, movement, sound and shamanic journeying processes.


This work will change the way you experience your life. It will give you the tools and inspiration to fully live authentically, and fully live your life purpose.


In this Empowerment Summit you will:


  • Experience 5Rythems Dynamic Movements healing power
  • Transcend in Shamanic ceremonies of the 5 Elements
  • Learn what stops you from re-writing your life story
  • Experience your authentic self in action
  • Discover your life purpose self-expression, transformation
  • Tap into your essential soul and the soul of the world.


Join us on these exciting advanture, register now to reserve your place.

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